Celebrating Michigan Week the crafty way

Happy Michigan Week, everyone.

michiganweeklogo08_224825_7According to the MHAL site, “Michigan Week’s mission is to inspire people – at the local level – to embrace, explore and celebrate the history, resources and opportunities that set Michigan apart as an ideal state to work, play and thrive.”

Hey, that sounds good to me.

In honor of Michigan Week, here are five important contributors to crafty history. Click the links to learn more about each.

1. Pewabic Pottery

2. Cranbrook


3. Printmaker Gwen Frostic
(HD’s studio Frostic tour)

4. Quilter Mary Schafer

5. And the original queen of crafts — no, not Martha — Carol Duvall

Make sure to click around on the resource page and craft map this week for lots more Michigan craft goodness.