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Introducing your Craft Revival Vendors


We are really excited for this year’s line up! Lots of new artists, and some familiar favorites are getting ready to welcome in the spring and kick off our favorite time of year- craft fair season! The full list of vendors is after the jump!

Aisle 3

All Things Winged

Barrel of Monkeys

Cet Homme Charmant

Chuppy Love

Collard Green Dogs

Color Me Punk

dang argyle


Glass Action!

Handmade Detroit

Jones Press

made here, llc

Motor City Sewing

Moving Beauty

My Wire Empire

Perfect Laughter

Phantom Limb

Pink Tag Bags

Potholder Pocket Pinnies

Reware Vintage

Re-Zip It!

Three Birds Jewelry

Vintage In Retrospect

Friday, April 15th

Vendor sneak peek party and concert featuring live performances by FAWN & Zoos of Berlin.

Come mix and mingle and claim first dibs on the vendor’s goods!

Doors at 9pm and event runs ’til last call!

$5 cover

Saturday, April 16th

25+ vendors, hands-on crafting station, DJ Dave Lawson spinning records all afternoon and more fun surprises! This is also the launch event for Ferndale’s Green Week.

Doors at NOON and event runs until 6pm.


11 Comments so far

  1. Reply to this comment On March 24, 2011 at 2:21 pm FW said:

    I’m beginning to wonder if this is a popularity contest. I have known so many amazing crafters who time after time have been turned away by HD over the same vendors that I see at every show. I’ve stopped going because I already know what will be there.

  2. Reply to this comment On March 26, 2011 at 5:56 am Lish said:

    Jen, Marcy B, and Eli -

    I’ve tried emailing you to reach out and offer to chat, but considering that you comment on our blog with fake email addresses (I just had three bounceback messages sent to me for these addresses: samoseteli@gmail.com, syjen24@gmail.com, and doublewhammy@yahoo.com) and the same IP address (, I’ll assume you’re not actually interested in hearing from us. I’m posting the email I tried to send the three of you below. Again, I encourage ALL kinds of feedback on this blog, but if you use fake email addresses to leave insulting comments, it’s difficult to take you seriously. -Lish
    Hi there!

    First off, thanks so much for commenting on our blog - whether they’re positive or negative, we always appreciate hearing from our readers. The three of you all had some pretty negative things to say about this year’s group of vendors for Craft Revival - in case you missed Amy’s comment on the post, more than half of this year’s group have never sold at any of our events before, so we’re really excited to be hosting them!

    Not to worry - I’m not deleting any of your comments that you’ve left, I just ask that you be considerate of our readers and vendors when you post. Saying that they have to kiss our collective asses’ is pretty harsh and not the most appropriate language to use on the blog. I know it hurt my feelings to have my work called out as meager, Jen.

    Thanks again for commenting. I’ve said this before, but if you ever have any questions about vendor selection, which I promise is not a popularity contest, or about Handmade Detroit, please email me or give me a call - my contact information is listed below. The three of you all comment from the same IP address, so you must be pretty passionate about your views.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

  3. Reply to this comment On March 26, 2011 at 10:04 am ann said:

    all the anger’s a drag - if you’re not getting into one show, start another one, let *that* be your craft. create another venue. everybody loves the shows. it’s not supposed to be about competition and fighting, it’s about creating and sharing. find a positive outlet for what you perceive as the problem.

  4. Reply to this comment On March 27, 2011 at 3:50 pm sherri said:

    i completely agree with dan. other than the handmade detroit artists, i only recognize TWO of the vendors. and, i have done quite a few shows (only saying that, even outside of the hd arena, i have not seen or heard of most of these artists). frankly, that is refreshing!

    i also agree with ann, it is not about competition. in creating our own show last winter, we just wanted to provide another opportunity for sharing craftiness within our community. you can never have too many craft shows, especially in this economy and “walmart mentality.” and i’m speaking as an artist AND a shoppper.

    needless to say, i can’t wait to come out and shop at this show!

  5. Reply to this comment On March 31, 2011 at 2:05 pm Jesska said:

    I totally agree with Ann. Instead of complaining about HD events on the internet, host your own events if you’re so unhappy with the selection process. Personally I enjoy HD’s events and I think it’s a shame that there is all this squabbling and griping. Also, I certainly don’t think these crafters deserve having their work called meager. Let’s stay positive Detroit!

  6. Reply to this comment On April 7, 2011 at 7:48 pm GingerMandy » Giveaway: Win a t-shirt from Handmade Detroit! said:

    [...] FAWN and Zoos of Berlin will be playing. Cover is $5 on Friday night. Saturday is free cover with 25+ vendors, a hands-on crafting station, DJ Dave Lawson spinning records all afternoon and more fun surprises! [...]

  7. Reply to this comment On April 19, 2011 at 10:00 am Lish said:

    Five comments, left between March 21 and 25, 2011 by Marcy B, EliW and Jen, were posted from IP address and three unverifiable email addresses and have been removed. They were unwanted, unsolicited and understood as threatening to Handmade Detroit and it’s individual members.

  8. Reply to this comment On April 23, 2011 at 12:05 pm The Art of a Craft Fair | Blue House Blog said:

    [...] a glimpse inside last weekend’s Craft Revival, which was held at The Loving Touch in Ferndale. A pool hall turned craft fair– this is the [...]

  9. Reply to this comment On March 21, 2011 at 3:00 pm Amy said:

    Hi again Marcy!

    Actually half of this year’s vendors are those who have never done any Handmade Detroit event before.

    Thanks for your comment, and for being such a loyal Handmade Detroit follower!

  10. Reply to this comment On March 21, 2011 at 9:04 pm Dan said:

    Yeah, first thing I noticed when I saw the list was how many of those names I didn’t recognize. Same old? Hardly.

    Wish I could have applied this Spring, but, as always, I’m excited to just come shop too!

  11. Reply to this comment On March 25, 2011 at 8:45 pm Dan said:

    “Eli,” I’m not part of Handmade Detroit or Reware Vintage, and I definitely don’t speak for either of them. My wife, Bethany, owns Reware and is a member of Handmade Detroit, so I may be a bit biased in my support of them, but I’m not the one here who seems to be bound and determined to try to start a fight. As for the other craft groups in the area, Beth has known Crystal and Flint City Handmade since before their group formally existed, and the organizer of Winter Fling has sold at Baar Bazaar (another inexpensive local event that Beth has organized, independet of HD, for more than five years). But hey, Beth and the girls don’t need my defense. I’ll let the thousands of crafters and shoppers that continue to enjoy their events speak for themselves.

    Seeing as you presume to know so much about me, I’m surprised you didn’t know that I’m a partner at Einfach Skate, and that’s what I was referring to when I said that I wished I could have applied (and, yes, applied is what I meant - I didn’t make it into DUCF last year and would be subject to the same application process as any other crafter).

    So, no. It’s not a fake post.

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