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Handmade Detroit is Amy Cronkite, Lish Dorset, Carey Gustafson and Bethany Nixon.

We believe in the unique value of handmade goods, the act of creation and good old community building. We believe that anyone in Detroit who hems a pair of pants, knits a gift for a friend or sells their handmade goods is helping to redefine sustainability, consumerism and the future of our city and Michigan.

We produce The Detroit Urban Craft Fair, Michigan’s first and largest indie craft fair each December.

About this website

HandmadeDetroit.com is a community hub for Detroit and Michigan indie crafters.

Our blog was started in March of 2006, and it continues to “Put the D in DIY” by covering crafty and DIY issues, championing local makers and sharing projects – all with a local focus.

We welcome ideas, submissions and crafty comments. After all, to quote our very first post, this website “is really about you. Out there. Making stuff.”

Here’s a little more about how this site works.

Our DIY calendar lists events in Michigan. Events produced by Handmade Detroit are listed in dark orange and clearly state our involvement. We do our best to accurately report events produced by others but cannot answer questions related to them. Please contact that event’s producers for more information. Just like our blog, you can subscribe to the DIY calendar for the latest updates.

Looking to get out there? The DIY map lists independently-owned supply stores, classes and places to buy handmade items. The large resource page also includes links to many local makers and ways to get involved with the handmade community.

Make sure to take a poke around our past, too. Our large archive of blog posts includes projects for every major holiday, profiles and interviews, and tons more. And don’t forget our Craftervidz, each produced with a lotta love and a pitch of zany.

About advertising

A variety of sponsorship and advertising opportunities exist. To learn more about them, please use the contact form.

Get in touch

To submit ideas, products or ask questions, please use the contact form.


Crafty Links

Here's a random sampling of our links. Get the rest of them in our resources directory.