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DUCF vendors in the news

A couple of Detroit Urban Craft Fair vendors popped up with in some nice articles recently.

Time’s Detroit Blog gives much deserved attention to Detroit Lives!

“There are so many projects and people who truly believe in this town. … They are out there: from Arthur’s Tour de Hood to Mark Covington’s Georgia Street Collective to the Yes Farm to The Lot to the Shack and Woodbridge Records. We could talk over coffee about all this stuff for days. Yet we consistently get immersed in the negative. I just think there is more to it than that, ultimately a city capable of real growth and transformation. Most importantly, there are plenty of people, myself included, that genuinely believe this and are doing things to make that happen.”

And over on Concentrate, one of our designer dudes Josh Weston, is profiled.

“The Einfach creative process goes like this: “I do a lot of hand drawing, scanning it in; hand painting the swatch, scanning it in; throwing down some watercolor, scanning it in; then starting to piece these images together, layer them up in Photoshop and work until I get a design that I like. Then we’re ready to print, ready to roll!” he announces. Weston guesses his proprietary artwork decorates 300 decks by now.”

Check the rest of this year’s awesome vendors — each with a story equally as impressive, no doubt — on the vendor page.

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  1. Reply to this comment On November 12, 2009 at 8:02 pm Dani P said:

    I am so excited for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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