Project: Cheap remnant table cloth

Welcome back from vacation! Or at least a little bit of time off here in the crafting world.

If you’re like me, you’re constantly rummaging through the remnant bin at your favorite fabric store. I’m guilty of picking up cheapie remnants and not always knowing what to do with them. Well, this time I had just enough to make a cheap remnant table cloth.

I found this heavier cotton in the home decoration section and loved it right away. The colors are bright and it has a very vintage look to it. This was just shy of a yard of fabric, so it fits perfectly on a small, 1950s kitchen table I have.

Here’s the beauty of the project- it’s super easy to make. I trimmed off any rough edges and simply took some bias tape to the fabric. I chose a contrasting stitch color. Slap that tape on and, poof!, instant table decor.

The finished product:

How do you use your remnants?