You know it’s time for craft fair when…

I usually get somewhat annoyed when my mom sends me the “You know you’re from Michigan when…” e-mail for the 10th time. You know the one. You can pay for things with Canadian pennies, you use your hand to show where you live and you turn your nose up at the person serving you a Canada Dry when you implied Vernors. Exactly.  Yet somehow doing a “you know it’s time for craft when…” quick post seemed fine. Totally fine!

I’ll let my group members jump in on this one later, but here are just a few of the things I did this week while getting ready for our 2008 Detroit Urban Craft Fair:

  • Sewed my index finger (I’ve been sewing since I was 10 and this week is the time I finally get that honor)
  • Went to Joann’s in my pajamas and didn’t realize it
  • Had co-workers warn me to stay away from needles (see the first bullet)
  • Had no problem remembering to pick up extra safety pins for my display but forgot it was time to make my car payment
  • Lived on Fruity Cheerios and Silk for two days in a row
  • Confused the furry white Christmas tree someone gave me as an Xmas ’08 gift for my furry white cat, Ronnie
  • Drank an entire case of sugar-free Red Bull in a day
  • After drinking said case of Red Bull, tossed my laptop across the room and jumped up when I thought a spider was crawling next to me. It was a piece of fuzz
  • Decided to cut back Red Bull consumption
  • Almost hung up the phone on my brother when he said he had to work during DUCF and couldn’t make it

What about you guys? How do you know it’s time for a show?

Whether you go nuts or kick back, we hope all of our vendors are excited as all get out for DUCF tomorrow. Can’t wait to see everyone! THAT INCLUDES YOU, KIND SHOPPER! 😉