LOOP at Detour

Hopefully you had a chance to check out some of the Detour Rock City Fest last week! If you didn’t, you should be a little sad, let’s just be honest. BUT AFTER THAT IS OVER, check out this report from Carey on how the crafty music magic went down:

Detour’s three-day music festival was a huge success, and LOOP was on hand at CAID all Saturday afternoon enjoying the perfect sunny day BBQ loaded with great music and fun, creative people.

The SHREDDER ROCK BIN table was a buzz with activity from start to finish! People took their costume-making challenges very seriously, studying the clothing available and taking their time fashioning their new outfits, assembled with only safety pins and duct tape! Oversized jeans turned into jackets, floor-length knit skirts were suddenly a mini skirt and top set, and a bolt of cotton “fire” pattern material became a sarong, corsage and cape!

INSTANT INSTALLATION filled the CAID’s main gallery space hour by hour… markers & crayons got everyone going, then shreds of materials, tape and pretty much anything not nailed down in the yard was worked into the projects!!

A very special thank you once again goes out to everyone at DETOUR for including LOOP in such a fantastic event! And viva la CAID… you were wonderful hosts!