Create a travel craft kit

I’ve mentioned before that it’s possible to craft when traveling in today’s tight security restrictions. Well, I just back from a trip to NYC and I’m happy to report my wee craft travel kit came in very handy.

Now, granted, big craft projects probably aren’t the best thing for airplanes or bumpy car rides, but small things like embroidery projects are perfect.

I used a small zippered cosmetic case to hold all my goodies. (I was working on a cross stitch for a co-worker’s birthday, so this was the right project for a not-so-long flight, and some embroidery, seen here.) That way I could pull it out of my luggage quickly in case I needed to show it to security at the airport. I brought just the necessary needles, so as not to make it look like I was trying to be sneaky, and kept them in a needle case.

I also planned ahead and brought only the color thread I needed for the pattern. In the past, I’ve brought my entire thread kit and found myself making a mess all over my upright tray. I used DMC cardboard floss holders to keep everything tidy and compact. I can’t emphasize how handy these were during turbulence and I was trying to get a new piece of thread! And of course, I had my fold-up bitty scissors to top it off.

About two years ago, I used to get the worst looks when I brought my bitty scissors and embroidery hoop out on the plane. I ‘m guessing people were amazed I had scissors, even if they were bitsy. It’s nice now not to be given the stink eye when you want to work on a project! In fact, I usually get a lot of great questions about what I’m working on.

For kicks, I tried doing cross stitch in a cab while on my way to Manhattan. I’m happy to report it’s possible. Well, it is if you don’t get car sick too easily 😉