Book Review: The Guerilla Art Kit


By Keri Smith
Chronicle Books
144 pages, $17.95, hardcover
August 2007

Last year, Steph and I went to the Allied Media Conference and sat in on a fun guerilla street art session. We learned about making wheat paste, the rules of the game, and who some of the big players are. If only we had this book for that conference!

The Guerilla Art Kit is a mix of tips and tricks that can be used for your guerilla tactics or your traditional craft projects. Basic making includes how to make stencils, stamps, and glues of all sorts. But, you’ll learn how to be a true guerilla, too.

For example, do you know what you need to take with you when you hit the streets? How about:

  • A small toolkit
  • Paint
  • Wheat paste
  • Brushes
  • Gloves
  • Something to carry your leave-behinds in
  • Clothing with Pockets
  • Clothing that doesn’t stand out (yikes!)

One of the important rules to consider when making guerilla art is to respect the environment around you, and The Guerilla Art Kit reminds you of that.

One of my favorite chapters of the book includes a section on office art. Yes! Surprise your co-workers with different color footprints (construction paper? Recycled faxes?) through your office. Mwah!

If you’ve ever had a desire to be a guerilla, both in the jungle and the craft world, The Guerilla Art Kit will help you become one