Lov.li is just that!

Heavens. The last thing we need these days are MORE social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and the ever-annoying Twitter. But I guess it doesn’t surprise me that the niche sites, like Stylehive, Curbly, etc., are drawing crowds as a way to get away from the masses on the bigger sites and focus on more specific needs. I had a chance to talk about this at Craft Congress last weekend, and from what I can tell, there’s so much out there to help us promote our fairs, businesses, or just ourselves, that sometimes it’s very overwhelming and simply too much.

So when I was reading Jennifer Perkins’ Naughty Secretary Club blog post on all of these social networking sites, it was a breath of fresh blogosphere air. I was also intrigued by one site she mentioned, Lov.li. It’s a social networking site for people who identify themselves as “crafters,” but is open to anyone from artists to those who enjoy making. There’s also a store component, along with blog features, the ability to add friends, and, of course, comment on profiles.

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I need is another web site to check, but something tells me we’ll start to see more and more familiar faces on Lov.li as word spreads. Heck, the minute I signed up and said where I was located, Lov.li hooked me up with a “local” crafter… who just happened to be Danielle Maveal! Now, look at that! If you sign up, make sure to leave your name here so everyone can friend you.

Naughty Secretary Club blog post on Lov.li


Danielle Maveal