Naughty Secretary Club wants you to craft on Etsy, Flickr

This is nifty! Naughty Secretary Club has joined the Etsy kids with Crafty Curios, a selection of bits and pieces for all your crafty needs. Here’s how Jennifer described the kits over at Etsy:

“Crafty Curios are the latest endeavor by Naughty Secretary Club and Jennifer Perkins ( Each 4X6 baggie is a random color coded assortment of crafty goodness. What you might find in your baggie are fun things like: single earrings, beads, brooches, charms, flowers, rhinestones and more. Each baggie has a little something different with most of the bits and pieces are vintage – which means they might not be in pristine condition, but that does not mean they are not super cute!

ALSO with each baggie you get 1 ring blank, 1 bobby pin blank and a pair of ear hooks. This way you can use your Crafty Curios to make your very own pieces of Revamped Vintage Jewelry!”

It looks like NSC also has a customer gallery over on Flickr. I’m all about submitting pictures of yourself looking snazzy in jewels! Just like THIS photo of me at my computer today! Talk about timing!