Upcoming Handmade Detroit events

Warning: You’ll want to get out your calendar before reading this post.

These past weeks have been filled with booking some upcoming Handmade Detroit events. Hopefully this post won’t be too overwhelming, and I promise more details on all of these events will be coming very soon. But I wanted to give everyone a heads up on what we are working on, and hope you won’t mind the massive nature of this post. Here is the rundown:

Sunday Crafternoon and HD birthday
Our next Sunday Crafternoon date is March 4, from noon to 4 p.m. @ the WAB in Ferndale.
March features:
+ Clothes by Nicole Linder
+ Embroidery by Talking Squid
+ Jewelry by Kelly of NAKA
+ Purses and bags by Dang Argyle
+ Paper goods (and a giant markdown bin) by Phantom Limb
+ Stuffed monsters by RedX
and, of course, Handmade Detroit.

Immediately following Sunday Crafternoon, we invite you to join us for a round or dinner at The Emory (across the street) in celebration of Handmade Detroit’s un-official 1st birthday. We are proud, enthralled, amazed at the community that you all have formed around this space, and want to thank you for your involvement. In other words, if you are free, we’d really, really love to see you there.

Metro Times Blowout Pre-Party
Last year’s MT Blowout was the first time Care, Lish, Beth and I sold under the Handmade Detroit name and sold Mitten Pins for craft fair fundraising. This year, we’ve invited a couple of others along for the ride and will not only have a new version of the Mitten Pin (!) but Handmade Detroit SHIRTS! More details, including a vendor list, is coming soon … until then, check out the Blowout schedule for all the bands you can catch. {EDIT: Perhaps I should post the event date. It’s Wednesday, March 7th.}

Detroit Urban Craft Fair
We’ve officially signed on the dotted line for DUCF v.2 to happen Saturday, August 4 @ the Majestic. Now the real work of sponsorships, revising vendor applications and setting down details can begin. Our craft fair web site is getting a makeover and more details will be released as we know them. (Cause like, seriously, nothing is decided yet … we haven’t even set a time). For now though, you can bookmark the DUCF site and watch this blog for any vendor info and volunteer opportunities.