Holy embroidery-concert-magic!

Check this latest tidbit from Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching!

    “The Decemberists wrote me a while back with a very special request. Would I, could I make a custom embroidery kit for them to take on tour and sell to their fans who might love embroidering as much as they love The Decemberists? I said a big, fat YES.

    So, if’n you like The Decemberists, you can get a limited edition, Sublime Stitching embroidery kit that comes with patterns of the band’s artwork: mermaids, planes and their logo. But, you can’t order it from me, you can only buy the kit or the patterns if you go to a show on their upcoming tour that kicks off this week.”

I like the Decemberists. I like stitching. This makes me happier than a soy clam!