It’s October. You know what that means…

… a month of nothing but pumpkin-related magic!

I keep seeing those trendy white pumpkins all over the mall, magazines and even my local Le Target. But, for these fake pumpkins, they seem to be a little pricey for my liking, and most likely yours, too. What to do? Make ’em yourself!

I headed over to my local market and picked up a small pie pumpkin. These are great because they are usually sold by the pound, and mine was just 59 cents a pound; thus a smart purchase. I took some basic craft paint (any brand will do from a craft or hobby store) and used one of those spongey brushes, as they worked best going over the pumpkin’s at-times-bumpy surface. About two coats of paint will do the trick. I painted my stem white, but you could leave it alone or paint it a different color. I think some black ric-rac or gingham ribbon around the stem would look rather smashing.

I had a spare pumpkin, so I painted the plain one you see in the photo gold. Go to town. Who knows what chic pumpkins you can make!