Can we still post about DUCF?

Cause I want to. After a full week of relaxation (and must say, much needed), maybe I could finally get to talking about our big summer event.

First of all, we want to thank everyone who showed up, supported, sold at and generally just spread the good word about DUCF. We’re considering the first year such a success because of your help. We were all so pleased with the professionalism of everyone involved, and we hope you had fun, too!

If we could change just one thing, though, it would’ve been taking more photos! A big thanks to Natalie for being on top of things for us …

Sign welcoming attendees.

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Seriously one of the coolest things about the day were these floating helium lights. They were donated by {HEY LISH, What’s the name?} Anyway, they were donated by this super generous company and really made the event. I’m glad we never had to answer the question: What kind of craft fair would a dark craft fair be?

Welcome to DUCF, says Natalie.

I’m a dork. Wanna buy a mitten pin?

Make-out goods owner Amy (who is also the head of the Detroit Craft Mafia, and the DUCF’s vendor mama) and partner Val almost sold a onesie to Scarlett White.

Second Hand Womb’s Meg and Bee (also a DUCF volunteer) and a table full of “handmade oddities.”

Volunteer Corienne Elizabeth makes these wonderful necklaces out of found objects. I’m still sad I didn’t pick up the bra necklace.

Hey Lish, over here!

It’s everyone’s favorite, youngest DUCF volunteer Mona and her silk-screen t-shirts.

Reware’s Bethany has apparently gone missing from her table of record notebooks.

care and matthew
Glass Action! Carey and poster boy Matthew (as in literally, he made our kitty poster) were perched on the stage most of the day.

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Seeing things like this.

Sock puppets
Sock puppets, yo.

Unbeknowest to most media types, boys do like making stuff. Here is David Flaugher and one of his stuffed creatures.

And here is Jenny Harada with some of hers. That’s a giant mask on the left. Neat, huh?

Jewelry Boutique’s Ketra and pal were selling, what else, beautiful jewelry.

Ever the supporter, DUCF sponsor Molly Mast sports a mitten pin at her table. We love being where you are, Molly!

It was Reena of Kawaii Kreations first craft show … but she pimped a robot sweatshirt like an old pro.

Heart With Wings’ Shannon was a total doll … and she sold them on her necklaces, too.

Obviously, we missed a lot of great people who were selling! Next year, we get photos of everyone! Check out Flickr for other great photos.

And here are some other roundups for your reading pleasure:
Tricia Frizzelstixs
Dang Argyle

Finally, we met so many wonderful people, makers and supporters alike, and we really want to encourage everyone to keep the spirit of community crafting alive. You’ll find links to all our vendors on our web site and soon the Handmade Detroit site will be filled with ways to connect to Detroit makers.