This is cool. Very cool!

Stuck on a project? Lack all inspiration? Thank goodness there’s Flickr. Our favorite photo-sharing site is THE place to load and display your photos, but did you know that makers are all over it? I’ll start posting some of my favorite photos during the week so that you might think of a new project or give rejuvenated life to one that’s been sitting in your craft closet for far too long. Here’s what I found today — and what a good idea! Take a look at this mosaic collage by Pippi. She collects her favorite Flickr finds from the week and makes it into one mega image for you to drool over.Make sure to check out the actual photo over on Pippi’s page. You’ll find links to all of the photos featured in her mosaic. How nice!


If you have some of your projects or favorite finds over at Flickr, make sure to tag them “hd_ducf.” I’d love to feature them here on our blog. And while you’re there, make sure to check out our photos for Handmade Detroit, too. We’ll be updating them as we get crafty again, post-fair!