Set your iTunes to CraftSanity


Tired of the same old NPR podcast? Well, Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood has the solution. Jennifer is the host of CraftSanity, a crafty-based podcast available for download on her Web site or through iTunes.


Each week Jennifer interviews a member of the craft community, whether it be someone just starting out or a super star. Her blog provides special projects and photos with links to featured guests. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I highly recommend subscribing to it. It’s always great to hear how DIY-ers got their start, where they find inspiration, how they run a business, etc. A must-listen.

I actually had a chance to chat with Jennifer last weekend about the craft fair and what Handmade Detroit hopes to offer not only Detroit but Michigan as a whole. Jennifer mentioned the fair on this week’s podcast and will have some inteview bits with me soon. I’m really excited Jennifer is a fan of the fair and offering her support. Make sure to look for her on Aug. 5, as she’ll be checking out the DUCF for a first-hand report, and back to this blog for future updates and info about CraftSanity.