Project Crawl: Paper or Plastic?

I don’t know how you spent your weekend, but I enjoyed a hot, stressful day of moving my belongings from one home to another. As many of my friends will tell you, I hate moving almost as much as I hate painting family rooms. But that’s a different story all together. I’ve been keeping myself busy getting ready for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair (it’s so soon!) and unpacking my collection of Hello Kitty salt-and-pepper shakers. Since I like to pack in grocery bags (boxes just seem like so much effort…), I am currently swimming through a sea of all things plastic. Can you see where the inspriation for today’s project crawl came from?!

The Grocery Clutch, a Must-Have for Fall ’06
This purse is simply too cute for words. And my groceries! Posted on Craftster by getinmumouthstuff, a single-hook crochet technique was used to recycle these bags. Make sure to read the comment thread as there are TONS of great suggestions for variations on the project and links to other baggy methods.

Try Walking in His Shoes!
I bet these sandals are SUUUUPER airy! I also liked the creator’s question about whether or not the sandals would melt on hot pavement. I couldn’t wonder more and can only hope that she’s a fast walker… Check out the rest of mleak’s photos/projects on Flickr as they’re pretty awesome.


Pot It!
Terra cotta is overrated. Take a look at what ask anke did with her plastic bags to give this orchid a happy home. Not only is she a whiz with these flower pots, she also makes other great crafts, too. Check ’em out here.

Knit One, Plastic Bag Two
DIY Network provides thorough instructions on how to create a storage space for all of your knitting needs. Colorful!

“Baby, I Got Your Money…”
Vestal Design blog provides a great way to make your own wallet using old plastic bags From Jeffrey Warren. This time the bags are actually ironed together, making a Tyvek-like substance, according to the review. I really like the final look of the wallets.

13 Ways to Use a Plastic Bag. Seriously.
When all else fails, play games with your leftovers. I especially like the “guessing game” idea. Stick stuff in a bag and have kids figure out what it is. Genius 😉