Hangin’ around the w3, all craft-like, yo.

Buttons of the month?!
Le whoa! I love this idea! Thimble allows you to sign up for either a three-month or six-month subscription of unique buttons… I won’t lie, I’m adding my name to that list! Make sure to check her blog and shop, both filled with fun bits.

Built by Wendy becomes a pattern
That’s right! Look at these snappy new patterns from Simplicity. Trust me, these aren’t your mom’s pantsuits! I love the items offered, and I think it’s a sign of the growing DIY trend we’re all so fond of. Here are patterns that are designed with the young, lovely lady in mind. The patterns are also a less-expensive way to get into Wendy’s items. And if that weren’t enough, look for a book on sewing from Wendy this fall. Le whoa.