Support your local businesses

I stopped by Acme Mercantile in Ann Arbor today, a great knick-knack shop on Liberty downtown. The story really does have all sorts of kitschy treats, so I highly recommend checking it out the next time you’re in town. Their Web site,, will go live May 15. ANYHOO, I received a little note in my bag of Mother’s Day cards (don’t forget your mom this weekend!) that I thought really summed up what “the lil’ guy” entrepreneur spirit is all about, something Handmade Detroit supports 100 percent. Here’s what it said:

Thanks for your purchase! Supporting your locally owned businesses leads to 3.5 times more money staying within the community than with national chains. You have the ability to keep downtown vibrant- keep supporting local stores and let store owners know what sorts of things you would like to see down here, as well as any problems you encounter while shopping. We love your input!

Amen, sister!