Project Crawl: Kites!

You know the song. “Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring!”

Musicals aside, flying kites is a lost art, if you ask me. It’s May. It’s actually nice out. Get a kite, whydon’tya?! Or make one, that is… This is a sure bet for any date or forced family function. Take a look.

The basics has got the basics listed for you here, complete with clip-art graphics. If you’ve got some string, crepe paper and some straws, you have a kite in the making. In addition to the “easy” plan for a kite, Tutorial also provides a few variations, making your finished product the hottest at the park. If only Paris Hilton were around…

A bit more formal, for you professionals
KiteSite has some more “advanced” instructions for us, well, pros. So advanced that you’ll wish you’d paid more attention in high school geometry. I know I did… But great instructions for making a sturdy frame.

Sometimes it gets tough…
Well. I never thought making a kite was THAT tough! I guess I was wrong!

I’ve got the kite, now what?
Stunts? Tricks? Lucky Rabbit, they’re just for kids! Oops, wrong topic. Make your kite the hit of the park. David Gomberg has all the right moves when it comes to stunts.

Wanna learn more?
Check this out!