The very first post.

The very first post is always the hardest. Do you introduce yourself? Do you tell people what you’re all about only to fail exceedingly at meeting that mission? And what about announcing yourself to cyberspace … Is one post really enough to start bragging to people about your new blog? To all these questions, we say HELL YES!

We’re still working out all that we want to talk about in this space, but we’re looking to hook you up with inspiration, book reports, project links, Michigan happenings, crafty people and sellers, and anything else we think is neat and want to pass on to you. We’ll also be doing a great deal of talking about Handmade Detroit itself. We are now accepting offers and planning community-building activities all designed to get you involved in the DIY revolution.

Finally, we encourage you to make suggestions, to talk amongst yourselves and to pass along nifty things you’ve made. Afterall, that’s what Handmade Detroit is really about –— you. Out there. Making stuff.