Announcing the Mo Pop Craft Bazaar Makers!


We are so excited to be back at the Mo Pop Festival this year, curating the Craft Bazaar village with a group of 24 makers and artists from Metro Detroit!

Goldeluxe Jewelry

Foxy Hipster

Artsy Fart ™

Detroit GT

Bringing the Happy

Cool Critters

Gingerly Made

Alchemy Henna

Science Bee

Solstice Handmade

Lurk & Destroy


The Aquarius House

Outer Spaceways Apparel

White Owl Jewelry

Handmade Detroit

Reware Vintage

Arthur’s Plaid Pants

Subversive Image

Vintageliz Leather

Plateful Jewelry

Woodward Standard Co.

Flint Candle Co

We all can’t wait to show you what we’ll be making for this summer for our Mo Pop shoppers! When you want to take a break from watching the bands, make sure to check out the Craft Bazaar, along with the other fun villages that will be there.

Want to learn more about the Mo Pop Festival, or get your tickets? Head on over to the Mo Pop Festival website for all the deets.

Thanks again to Mo Pop Festival for having us back for our favorite weekend of the summer!