Get a Creative Boost at Motor City Float!

We were so excited when Motor City Float became a sponsor of Detroit Urban Craft Fair in 2016, and I was just as excited to try floating out for the first time – after surviving the busy Christmas season. I had heard about it many years ago from a friend and it seemed like such a cool & relaxing idea. When I got to finally experience my first float, it turned out to be everything I’d imagined and SO much more.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with floating, here’s how it works: You have your own private room with a large tank inside. After a shower (with the some of the best smelling shampoo & body wash!) you climb into the tank, which is filled with less than one foot of salt water, heated to body temperature. Because of the high concentration of magnesium rich salt in the water, you naturally float.

No, it’s not like that tank in Stranger Things. But it is equally cool, in different ways.

Have you ever heard the saying that some of the best ideas come about in the shower? It’s true, and here’s why – you are by yourself with your thoughts. You are relaxed and have a moment to let your mind wander. I definitely have had some of my best ideas in the shower or the tub. As a creative person with my own business and 2 kids there isn’t much time for me to really brainstorm things, but I do quite a bit in my morning or post-workout shower.


With floating, I had even more time for mind wandering and even less to distract me. My brain went from past memories where I suddenly had much stronger recollections, to ideas of things I wanted to do – both personally and with my business. I came out of my float feeling completely refreshed and full of ideas. My stress was totally melted away, and added bonus: my knee pain was completely gone – a great side effect of floating.

I’ve gone back and floated again & loved it even more. I felt more comfortable the second time around and got into “my zone” faster. I spent the next week writing out plans and started to work on big new projects. Who knew those 2 hours of floating would have such a big effect on me? I just thought it sounded cool, but it turns out that it’s had a big effect of me + my business. I’m happily adding it to my “self-care” list and can’t wait to see what it helps me come up with next!

If you’d like to try out floating, check out Motor City Float online to read more about it, and to book yourself an appointment. Have a great + productive time, and let us know in the comments how it was for you!