Applying to DUCF 2017? How Best To Hear FIRST!

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re half way through January but here at HQ we’re just resurfacing from the hussle/bustle of the holiday season. Visions of DUCF danced in our heads the last four weeks or more now, and we’re happy to be back and thinking about our 2017 calendar. 

We’ve been getting emails on the regular about applying for 2017, wanting to find out how and when. Here’s what we can tell you!

First, ‘follow’ our Facebook pages. And don’t just ‘Like’ them, see if you can choose the notifications option to “get notifications” or “see first”, however it’s worded. That will ensure you see our posts. Handmade Detroit  & DUCF

Second, follow us on Instagram.

Thirdly and most importantly, Sign up for our Mailing List. Go to and scroll to the mailing list. When we send word out that applications will be and are open, we email everyone that’s signed up.

Thanks so much for you interest in being a part of year twelve in 2017! Applications open every year in July, and remain open for 8 weeks, until late September. We get hundreds of applications each season, and our mailing list is formed from the in-time applications. If you don’t apply in time you must wait until the following cycle, then next year.

If you’ve never applied or never been, there’s lots of history throughout our web pages. You can see year’s past vendors and the incredible work they do. You can learn about our Sponsors, and if you have an interest in volunteering, that’s a great way to get a start as well!

Have a safe and happy winter and keep crafting!