A kitsch, craft & collectors dream garage sale! Friday/Saturday in Roseville

Beth and I were delighted to get a first glimpse tonight at the most incredibly crafty and vintage collectors sale coming up this weekend. 
Friend Tanya’s Grandmother was a collector, and the hundreds of items are time-machine condition, unused or unopened and were stored for decades in her attic. Primarily early 80’s and 90’s but some dating back to the 50’s. 
Here’s just some of what I brought home: 
and here’s some of Beth’s scores!
Here’s a bit more from her Craigslist post: 
“I’m having a yard sale with items from my grandma’s attic this Friday and Saturday. Come and see blast from the past, collectables and vintage goodies. Lots and lots of crafts, weird stuff, jewelry, clothes, toys, school supplies, creepy dolls, kitsch, etc…
Sale starts at 9am, no exceptions. Early birds will be sent to Tim Hortons on a coffee run.”
I’m going back this weekend for sure to see more. 
She’s got enough things to open a small shop and her prices are incredibly fair! 
We generally don’t post about garage sales but the amount of craft supplies and kits alone, well, you’ve just got to go. 
Happy hunting!