Craft Night!

March is National Craft Month, and to celebrate Carey, Bethany and I decided to dig into our vintage craft books and find a project to do together for craft night.  With so many fun, crazy (and of course some tacky) projects to choose from, we decided to make things interesting and play what we called “Craft Roulette”.  It’s easy to play: randomly open a project  book, put your finger down somewhere on the page without looking, and that’s your craft! This can be amazing or horrifying, depending on what you pick. We each played a little craft roulette on our own, and then chose which one we wanted to make from the options.

photo (7)

We lucked out.  I have a binder filled with Carol Duvall Craft Letters from the 70s that I got at a church sale, and my finger pointed to a “Skinny Printing” project that was fairly open-ended. The three of us had a great time working on it, and each created our own interpretation of the project.

Bethany made a cool name necklace out of shrink plastic:


I made a tiny little embroidered wall hanging:


And Carey not only embroidered her skinny letters, but designed and made a reusable lunch bag to put her design on (a work in progress)!

Sometimes, we get so caught up in making goods for our businesses that we forget it’s just fun to get together with friends and make things, regardless of the outcome. So get going and make something!

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