Big Eyes Inspired Crafting

Ringing in the new year, we Handmade Detroit gals decided our first order of business was to have some fun and see the new  Tim Burton movie, Big Eyes. The movie inspired us and we decided to do a little theme crafting, the Margaret Keane way. 

Bethany’s project in felt:

I had a vision of making a “Big Eyes” from felt, and putting it in a kitschy vintage frame. The whole project didn’t take long once I’d found the perfect frame and art to put our my own wooly-spin on.  I used tracing paper and some artistic interpretation to make my design. Big Eyes Inspired Art Then traced each layer onto it’s own sheet to use as a stencil to cut out my felt. Big Eyes Inspired Art I pinned each corner of the paper onto the felt, and cut both the paper and felt all out at once, then used some spray adhesive to assemble it all together before putting it in my thrifted frame. Big Eyes Inspired Art I just love it! It’s the perfect blend of crafty and creepy for my workshop wall. If you want to see more pictures of my project, check out the Reware Vintage blog.

Carey’s stained glass portrait:

I made a sketch with a big eyed enhancement of the lady herself, Margaret Keane, but once the assembly was done and I sat down to paint her facial features I decided in homage to her True – to – self- lesson, to instead make her fully in my developed style. I used unfired enamels to create her lovely image as her current age. Shown is her portrait and my night light version:

Margaret_Keane 2015-01-18 17.33.50

I hope to mail mine to her as a gift, maybe with a little investigating it gets delivered!


It was fun to complete a task just because! What’s been inspiring you lately? We’d love to see your work!