Detroit Urban Craft Fair recap

Class picture

Wow, it’s hard to know where to begin. Do we start by telling you that this weekend at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair we had over 8,000 shoppers?  Do we tell you that there were multiple vendors who told us this was by far their best craft show ever?

I think the best place to start is to say thank you.  When we started this fair in 2006 none of us thought about what it was going to turn into nine years later, we just knew that the time was right in Detroit to get an indie craft fair going.   Every year has been more successful than the year before it, and it’s because of this wonderful, supportive community.

Thank you:

-To our volunteers, who fought the wonderful crowds to make sure every vendor had food, bathroom breaks, and anything else they needed. To Amber and Justin, our superstar volunteers, there is no way we could have handled the madness without you!!!

-To DJ Dave Lawson, who spun the soundtrack of our fair and had people literally dancing down the aisles!

-To Shimmy Shack, who slung delicious vegan burgers and made countless shakes all weekend.

-To Doug Coombe, who made us feel like rock stars while he photographed the fair (pictures coming soon!).

-To The Masonic who worked tirelessly all weekend to help us make the fair great. They never stopped checking on us, anticipating what we needed, fixing things when they needed fixing, and ensuring that things would run smoothly.

-To Stephanie and Lish, who while they have moved on from Handmade Detroit,  had the vision with us and put many years and hard work into making Handmade Detroit and the Detroit Urban Craft Fair what it is today. You are always a part of the HD family.

-To the vendors, every year you dazzle us with your talent and work ethic.  We couldn’t ask for a more supportive group to work with!

-To the shoppers, thank you for dealing with the overwhelming crowds on Saturday, shopping even when it was hard to get to a table, and making the vendors (and our) day/month/year!

-To our sponsors, who continue to believe in us year after year.

-To Kristen Drozdowski, Marcy Davy, and Josh Weston, your design work amazed us and your skills and professionalism made things so easy for us.

Our vendor list will stay for a while if you’d like to get that gift you wish you had bought at DUCF.

Next year’s fair will be our tenth anniversary, be ready for some greatness!


  Love, Amy, Bethany, and Carey






All photos by Doug Coombe.