Etsy Shop Success Reading List

etsysuccssEtsy’s Seller Education Coordinator Danielle Maveal shared these helpful reading links in the Etsy Success Team last week. There’s some great ideas in here, so with the holiday selling season coming up (and DUCF, too!), check out these links:

So a few of you have asked for me to resurrect the Etsy Success Reading List (the best recent small business advice from the blogosphere). I might not be able to do this on a weekly basis, but I am happy to do this every few weeks! Here are some great posts I bumped into this week:

Last week was social media week! Don’t miss Etsy’s Guide to Twitter and Facebook I really enjoyed this post as well:

4 Steps to Selling With Social Media

The Relevance of Sales < Deep Thought Thursday

The 3-Step Cure for No-Sales Syndrome

How to Re-Invent Yourself