Last Minute Green Gift Wrap!

Looking for an easy, crafty, and green way to wrap some Christmas presents this year?  Take some inspiration from this year’s DUCF swag bags!


All you need is a vintage pillowcase, scissors, an iron, a sewing machine and 40 inches of nylon strapping from any fabric store. This will make two reusable gift/ tote bags to wrap presents in.


Cut your pillowcase in half. Take one half and turn it inside out, then stitch up three sides of the rectangle, leaving one of the short sides open.


Take the unfinished short edge and fold down the material 1/2 an inch and iron. Then fold down another inch and 1/2 and iron again. Stitch all the way around the top, 1/8 of an inch from the pressed bottom edge.


Cut your strapping into 2 20″ long pieces. Stitch the strap into place by placing the edge of the strap 1 inch into the bag and stitching a box all the way around the four edges of the strap that are inside the bag, for both sides of the strap.


There you have it! Now repeat 49 times for the first DUCF shoppers for the other half of the pillowcase, and you’ll have two reusable bags for the same price as one gift bag from the store. Plus, it can be used for years by your giftee when they are at the market, need a lil craft bag or a gift bag to use for someone else!