Detroit Urban Craft Fair – Your Wrap Ups!


We don’t think we could’ve have said it any better ourselves … here’s what some of our shoppers had to say about this year’s Detroit Urban Craft Fair:

The Fillmore was packed full of crafty goodness – like Etsy in real life!


There were so many great handmade wares that I ended up buying more for myself than gifts for others …

Rays Big Ideas

… held at the Fillmore in downtown Detroit. It’s a beautiful theatre with painted freezes …


Hit up the Detroit Urban Craft Fair this weekend. Awesome, as usual!

I Think I Love You Michigan

It was Robocop who originally caught our eye…

Club Jade

I saw some nice bike products at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair.

Bar and Lever

I managed to leave Detroit with some money left in my wallet …


and some of our vendors:

There is a great crafting community in this city that has grown a lot since the beginning …

Always The Forest

The Detroit Urban Craft Fair this past weekend really was like Christmas morning …

Courtney Fischer Jewelry

I had a bang up first day at DUCF, it pretty much obliterated my stock of well … everything.


… a craft fair is like a marathon. it’s crazy preparing to get there, and then when it’s all over …

Dang Argyle

… the venue — the Fillmore Theater — was spectacular …

Sloe Gin Fizz

.. .all of the amazing vendors – you all are seriously inspiring …

Reware Vintage

and the press too!

Checking out the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, and the beautiful Palms/State/Fillmore theater

Detroit Funk

The event was a collective of over 70 local and national artists

Metro Mix

DUCF as it is affectionately called is a showcase of talented makers and the materials they bring to life.

Street Culture Mash

Thanks for all your kind, crafty words guys!