Sponsor Spotlight: Freshtight Designs

Freshtight Designs will be joining us as an awesome sponsor at DUCF this weekend. Here’s a little bit about who they are!

Who the heck are you?!
Freshtight Designs. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Tell us a little more about Freshtight Designs
Freshtight Designs represents artists and musicians who blend categories and blur genres, by organizing and taking part in area events aimed at bringing the community together. Through enlightenment and entertainment, we bring to the forefront an eclectic group of creative individuals. We are a website and graphic design firm. We also provide artist networking and promotion services. We are in this together. Create. Display. Communicate.

Additionally, we create many unique, handcrafted items such as handmade totebags, wallets and purses, jewelry, screen-printed t-shirts, posters and other print designs.

What’s your favorite thing about craft fairs?
Our favorite thing about craft fairs is the do-it-together attitude. As an organization, we strive on encapsulating the community-oriented aspect of creation, and believe that craft fairs, especially DUCF, encourages this mentality. We appreciate our local artists and are always honored to be a part of and witness any event in which they are in the foreground.

What’s next for you guys?
In the coming months, Freshtight Designs will showcase a group of musicians at a few local events. A couple of them will be hip hop nights in which emcees, DJs, breakdancers and graffiti writers will be highlighted. The other event we have planned will be at a local skate park and will have live rock and indie rock bands performing. Be sure to check out our website for further details.