Bizarre Bazaar

dscn08241I was really excited on Saturday to check out the first Bizarre Bazaar at Theatre Bizarre! As a big fan already of Theatre Bizarre, I couldn’t wait to see the organizers put their bizarre spin on a craft show!

It was exactly what I was hoping for. The crafters, artists, printers and makers were fantastic, and a mix that really suited the grounds and attendees. Paintings of horror movie scenes and characters, unique vintage and reconstructed clothing, odd decor, and rock-a-billy style jewelry were everywhere. The workmanship and creativity of the Bizarre grounds was awesome to see in the daytime light, and the whole fair had a great DIY vibe. I was especially happy to see a few HD show regulars, and to meet a few new artists I’d been hearing about.

I spoke with Robyn and Brad, two of the organizers, and was excited to hear that this will be an annual show, and can’t wait to apply for next year’s show!

To see more pictures from the Bizarre Bazaar, check out the Flickr set!