The Tools Behind Green Street 2010: I Love to Create

Without a doubt, our art supplies in the Rethunk tent at Green Street Fair 2010 were the hit of our artists this year. We had the pleasure of trying out some of I Love to Create’s product line, from Tulip fabric paints to Crafty Chica stencils.

The products made such a nice addition to the canvases we created. It shouldn’t be too surprising, but people FREAKED OUT over glitter. Honestly. Whether it was added to fabric paint or on its own, the glitter was a hot commodity.

Take a look at some of our finished products. I’ll have a special post showing how I used some of the products myself to make a new fabric hanging for my new house. And make sure to follow I Love to Create on Twitter, too.

The supplies on the first day. Look at how neat and organized they were. This didn’t last long once our eager artists started arriving.

Look at all the goodies we had to play with.

The markers are great for smaller artists. Easy for them to handle.

One of our first artists. She made this for her grandmother’s birthday!

We were very, VERY impressed with our graffiti artist.

The metallic fabric paints from Tulip in action.

I used the Tulip Fabric Markers to do a quick self portrait of myself. Impressive drawing skills, huh? 😉

Trying out the stencils and fabric spray paint – these were huge.

The end of an artsy weekend. Yep, crafting is tough, glittery work.