Michigan crafty review: Munro Crafts

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been going to Munro Crafts in Berkley for all of my jewelry supplies. Back in the day, the place was a crazy hole of beads, chain, lobster claws and tons of other non-bead crafting supplies on 12 Mile. The place was always packed, loud, hotter than hell and fun to watch.

A few years back the store got a facelift and expanded, both very needed. The store now provided EVEN more supplies and is a lot easier to navigate. The store clerks are always on top of the stock; it’s totally impressive, considering how much they’ve got in there.

Not too long ago I stopped by the store for some supplies and snapped a few pictures of what was going on that day. Check it out.

BIG isn’t big enough to describe this place.

Fabulous bead selection

Music box inserts