One Yard Wonders-ful!

Back in July, Stephanie wrote about Crafty Planet looking for submissions for their new book, One Yard Wonders. The book was looking for ideas for projects crafters could make using one yard of fabric.

I submitted a project to them that I had made earlier in the year, a necklace frame. I had made one for myself and posted the tutorial on my blog (you may have also seen this post of it on the HD blog). Later, I was excited to see pictures later of other fabulous versions of the project by different readers!

Today I received an e-mail from Rebecca and Trish of One Yard Wonders that my necklace frame was accepted into the book! They are sending me a yard of fabric to use to make another and document it, and it could possibly be used in the book tour as well! I can’t wait to find the perfect frame to use and make it!