People’s Art Fest postponed

EDITED 1:30: We placed a call and yes indeed, PAF has been postponed until Sunday, Sept. 21. Info is on the PAF web site! Please contact the Russell for more info — HD does NOT produce this event wouldn’t know how to answer your questions! 🙂 thanks! sst


EDITED 1:00: We’re hearing that the People’s Art Festival scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed until Sunday, Sept. 21. PAF’s web site has this info but we have not gotten an official notification or e-mail. We will update this post as we hear more. Thanks! stephanie

The People’s Art Festival is back and big as can be. It’s true; that’s what the web site says, so it has to be true!

  • Last year over 4,000 people joined over 200 visual artists, filmmakers, musicians and other performance artists to celebrate the inaugural launch of the People’s Arts Festival (PAF) at The Russell Industrial Center in Detroit. This year’s Festival planners expect that crowd to double – once again securing its claim to being the largest arts festival in the City of Detroit. The Second Annual People’s Arts Festival will be open to the public from 11:00 a.m. until midnight on Saturday, September 13, 2008.