Dally in the Alley 2008

We thought we’d be nice and steal Beth’s post on what this year’s Dally DIY scene was like from her own blasted blog. THANKS, BETH! HA!

Dally in the Alley was Saturday, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day outside for it. Every year I look forward to this festival, and each year it gets better and more fun! Reware Vintage’s red tent was in it’s usual spot on Second Avenue, but this year Dan and I had a newbie helping us out during the day – our dog Kona.

We had a great time, and were happy to see a lot of our friends that stopped by. Despite the hard Michigan economy and the city of Detroit now requiring each vendor to buy a city permit for the day, all the vendors I spoke to were very positive about the day and the shoppers. This was our fourth year at Dally, and it was very exciting to see shoppers from years past come into our tent and tell us they were glad to see us there again. I wish I would have had the opportunity to check out the art and bands playing (it was a great line up), but I heard it was awesome!

Each large show like this that we do I realize that events like this are not only great for making some money, they are also fantastic opportunities for networking and promoting your business. I handed out countless business cards and fliers, answered questions from a lot of customers about the upcoming Detroit Urban Craft Fair, met a few local vintage store owners, made some new crafty friends, talked with two record store owners that are going to hook me up with unsellable records for me to use for my record notebooks, and spoke to another store owner that would like to carry my notebooks this Christmas! I left Dally at the end of the night exhausted, but very excited for the other shows I would be at the rest of the year and appreciative of all the new contacts I had made.

Thanks so much to the North Cass Community Union and all of it’s volunteers for putting together another awesome Dally in the Alley!

To see our pictures from Dally, check out our Flickr set!