DIY bikes, Part five: Re-cycle projects

Part five, the final part, of our ongoing series on DIY bikes!


If you’re particularly hard on bikes, or you know, have a lot of bike parts laying around, instead of throwing them out, you should totally turn them into something else.

There are a ton of bike “re-cycle” projects all over the web. Why not, cover your Nano with an inner tube, dress up your ears with one, or keep your pants up with bike parts. If you’re short on furniture, you could make a stool or a chandelier. In the kitchen, wheels seem to be of particular use. Turn them into a lazy susan or a pot rack.

For some inspiration to get you started, check out Marquette artist Andy Gregg, who creates some super awesome bike furniture.

Got a good project for used bike parts? Did we miss a good project in the DIY bike series? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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