Detroit Urban Craft Fair 2008 pre-announcement

I know some of you are anxious to hear about DUCF 2008 and we don’t want to keep you wondering. So here’s the skinny: DUCF round 3 will happen in November, 2008. Date and such still to be confirmed. Vendor applications will be on the DUCF web site in June, 2008 — and we’ll post about them lots on our outlets — Facebook, MySpace and, of course, here. All dates will also be added the DIY calendar in the sidebar. So please friend us, or bookmark this site to keep track.

Here’s some questions we’ve been asked:

Why is it later?

By hosting DUCF closer to the holiday season, we hope it will be an even more fruitful market for shoppers and sellers.

What does this mean for Handmade Detroit Holiday Market?

Because HDHM usually happens in the same month, as of right now, there will not be a HDHM 2008. We have been thinking about hosting an additional smaller market earlier in the year — but plans for this are only a possibility at this point.

Can you give me any more info?

We’d love to, but this is literally all the info we know for now. As soon as we confirm details, we post them here.

Thanks everyone!