And your Rethunk vendors are…

This is going to be a good one! We’ve got some great vendors lined up for you at our first-even Rethunk Craft Fair at the Green Street Fair next month. Start saving your pennies now…!

1. Make-Out Goods
2. Phantom Limb
3. Yana Dee
4. Universal Threads
5. Heart with Wings
6. Baby Bits
7. Aqua Cherry
8. Rethunk Magic
9. Glass, Action!

1. Birds Gather
2. Dang Argyle
3. Chain Chain Chain
4. Neashasha
5. Talking Squid
6. Elizabeth Wahl
7. Reware Vintage
8. Lish, Inc.
9. Handmade Detroit (in effect!)

Don’t forget, the Green Street Fair is May 3-4 in downtown Plymouth!