New Craft debate

There is an interesting debate about traditional vs. new craft surfacing within the DIY craft community. It was sparked by this post by Annie of Imogene. Annie writes about her recent experience at the “D.I.Y., Websites and Energy: The New Alternative Craft” presentation at the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) conference. Some of the original post may be shocking and upsetting to DIY crafters, so make sure to read through the comments as well — the presenters respond to Annie’s post and everyone seems to be interested in using the opportunity to cross barriers. It’s a meaty read to be sure, but one that’s important for anyone who cares about DIY crafting as a movement.

We’re eager to hear your reactions: What do you think about the new craft vs. traditional craft discussion? Is it DIY’s aim to replace traditionally educated artists and designers? What do traditional crafters need to understand about alt-crafting?  Post your thoughts in the comments.

Also, I have to give some props to Andrew Wagner, the director of the American Craft Council. Andrew posts his thoughts on SNAG, and the topic in general, here. In Annie’s comments, Wagner also mentions “Your Design Here” a Print magazine story about how DIY design is affecting professional designers — an article I randomly happened to read last week and haved blogged about on Phantom Limb today.