The Martha Blog

Martha Stewart has a blog. Damn. I wonder what Handmade Detroit has to do to get on a blogroll like that… Hmm… ::Lish begins devious plan to overtake Martha’s blog::

There are some fun categories on there, like “Behind the Scenes.” Check out this post on Martha’s prop room. Yeah, I cried, too. Did you see all that vintage kitchen magic in there? That just ain’t right. Make sure to read the comments. That post got a LOT of attention from the crafty blogosphere.

I like the clean design of this blog and how well it matches her branding. I think that’s important for us crafters to remember- take that identity you’ve worked so hard to create and make sure you carry it through everything you use, whether it’s a sign for your craft fair booth, your business cards or the blog header on your site.

In other “Martha Stewart always kicks my crafty ass no matter how hard I try,” she’s launched an Easter Workshop. CRAPTASTIC, WOMAN. I mean, really. It’s all I can do to make St. Patrick’s Day dish towels for my kitchen, let alone run a whole friggin’ holiday workshop.

But it’s ok. I still love her. Probably not as much as Carol Duvall, but close.