Tiffany Blue Boxes

I posted this for Thing-a-Day, but heck, why not post it here? Ok, ok. So one of my many vices in life is Tiffany’s. I love the movie, I love the jewelry, and I clearly love their trademarked blue. I’ve been revisiting some of my pop art tendencies recently and this is what resulted – my own tribute to birthday-related consumerism over the years.

Tiffany Art

During the Oscars last night, I made this project with some leftover pegboard and the Tiffany Blue Boxes I’ve been saving for a few years. I didn’t have the heart to throw them away, but I also didn’t have the heart to give them with gifts, either. What do you do when this happens? Make some damn art. This is a technique I cam up with for a housewarming gift, and it worked well here, just on a larger scale with the boxes. It’s basically like making a cross stitch piece, but with various materials that go beyond a needle and thread. While working with a board this large takes some patience, it couldn’t be easier than simply tying the boxes right to the surface.

Finished project

I like pop art. I think it shows…