Amy’s review of “Let’s Make Love”


Loop lady and HDer Amy sent along this recap:

“The “Let’s Make Love” party this past Saturday at the Magic Stick was a blast! The Volebeats were awesome, the Witches rocked, and the Djing made me feel like I was sitting down in my basement playing my Top 25 on itunes! Not to mention the dedications from the party goers. Love was in the air!

We sold quite a few of our handmade masks, and it was really fun helping people pick them out to go with their outfits. With a little persuasion we got the even the most reluctant ones wearing masks! We saw lots of swanky duds dancing around that place for sure. Carey looked divine in her Ann Margaret dress (I only wish I had gotten a picture.)!


Loop is looking to find more crafty folks to join us for some upcoming Makes. Please send me an email at loopdetroit {AT!} gmail {DOT} com and I’ll be sure to get back to you with the details!


Lots more pictures of mask making and dance party adventuring here. {Link fixed}