Lots of awesome features at new CouncilC.com


Our buds over in Council C have relaunched their web site with some really nifty new interactive features including profiles and personal blogs. I’ve posted a few blogs already — make sure to check out my latest post about some upcoming DIY events. In addition to the daily online fun, artists and designers can also submit work for inclusion in the quarterly online (and occasionally print) showcase magazine. The Winter ’08 edition is up now, and all past issues are also viewable online.

Here’s a bit more about the group if you’re unfamiliar:

“Council C is an online community centered around the website and webzine at councilc.com. We cover a variety of topics related to art, design, and creativity. The quarterly published webzine is entirely composed of submissions by Metro Detroit artists, and the website allows visitors to network through the usage of message boards, member profiles and link sharing.
Council C promises to be an inspirational and inviting resource for young creative people in the Metro Detroit area. By providing a venue to share work and ideas, our goal is to help our readers develop as artists, designers and creative thinkers.”

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