Valentine playing card decorations

I wrote about this for Thing-a-Day, but I’ve been saving the details for Handmade Detroit! Nothing too complicated here. I think I never realized playing cards were so versatile, especially when it comes to making garland!

I was over at my local Kroger here in Plymouth when I saw these pink playing cards. Pink! I bought a pack, knowing I’d use them for something. When I got home, I was trying to rack my brain over some good Valentine’s Day decorations. I decided that garland would work, especially since I bought some gaudy half-off garland from Joann that I could add to it (not in the picture, I put it up later).

This garland couldn’t be easier. Simply punch two holes in the top of the card, and begin to string. I went for the under/over method so you wouldn’t see the yarn on the front (ha, besides the one card I goofed on!). I did a similar version for my cubicle at work (photo to come) by punch a whole at each end and going for a horizontal approach.

Now, the garland wasn’t the only thing I made out of cards. I made a small wreath for the back of my door, as well as another larger wreath for my cubicle at work. I’m using them as part of my new gift tag collection, too.

Clearly, I was obsessed with these cards yesterday. That got me to thinking- what else can be done with cards. Check out CraftBits for a great tutorial on how to make a purse of playing cards.