Scrapboxes and craftin’ offices

Last summer I moved and had the chance to make my own work area just for crafting. I thought mine was pretty creative. That was until I met the Original Scrapbox.

GOOD LORD, this is insane.  The web site states that the scrapbox has 83 canvas totes and 20 zippered pouches for all of your croppers, stickers, papers and more.  Yes, it might just look like a too-big cabinet, but it’s answer to many scrappers’ biggest wishes.

But that’s not the only ultimate crafting area.

Lowe’s has all the fixings to make your own office at home, but if you ask me, this could easily be a crafting area. And for just a mere $340 and three days, you, too, could have this very cozy craftin’ space.

It’s a brand new year- anyone out there redefining their craft space for 2008?