Crafting for a good cause

Take a look at this note from one of our overseas Craft Congress friends, Michelle. She’s helping out with a good cause that you might want to get involved with, too. If you’re interested, leave a comment and we’ll get you in touch.

As part of The Charming Armley Cake Competition, which is being held to raise funds for a local charity which works to support older people (Armley Helping Hands), I am looking for people to donate a handmade or hand-decorated apron. They will be displayed at the event as well as featured on our rather unique ‘Cakewalk’ (thats a cakey version of a catwalk for those of you wondering!) and will then be auctioned/raffled off to raise funds. All those who donate will be mentioned on the web site and we will link to your web site, too!

Now I realised time is probably not on our sides as the event is on Oct. 6 but it would be great if anyone could contribute something. The event has already been featured in our regional media as we have two red-hot PR ladies on our organising committee (wish I had them to keep!). If you want to see an online version of the article (without the goofy picture of us all in aprons and weilding cakes!) you can find it here.

So if anyone would like to make a donation let me know and I will send you the address to send it to!

Thanks, Michelle x